Welcome to The Japanese Language School Unified System (Kyodo System)

The Japanese Language School Unified System (Kyodo System) is the greatest Japanese language school in North America, established in 1948. Unlike Japanese language school for Japanese students, the basic policy of our school is “Teaching Japanese as a second language.” Our doors are open to all students, regardless of race and national origin, who wish to learn the Japanese language and to understand Japan. The students at Kyodo System who are in the 9th grade or above in public or private high schools are eligible to take credit tests in Japanese and can earn foreign language credit in Japanese.

Upcoming Events

July, 2018

14 (Sat)New School Year Begins/Pasadena Tanabata
21 (Sat)Shunin Meeting
28 (Sat)


4 (Sat)
11 (Sat)Irvine Tanabata/Chuo Summer festival
18 (sat)
25 (sat)Valley Watermelon bust/Kochu Emergency drill


1 (Sat)No School-Labor Day Hiliday
8 (Sat)Chuo&Pasadena Welcome Party
Chuo PTA general Meeting/Shunin Meeting
15 (Sat)Valley Parents’ Open House&Class Conferences
22 (Sat)Irvine Emergency Drill/Kochu Welcome Party
Teachers’ Meeting at Main office
29 (Sat)