High School Credit

High School Credit by the JLSUS courses

By the proposal of late Dr. Yaemitsu Sugimachi, a founder of the JLSUS, the state of California approved the acceptance of high school credit through private language schools instruction in 1965. Student taking language courses in a private language school such as ours started to receive high school credits in the Los Angeles Unified School District in 1967. Other high schools in other school districts started in the same direction soon after. Thus, with few exceptions, our students can earn credit through our class instruction in the majority of high schools. (Some high school don’t accept credit from JLSUS. Please confirm your school counselor)


Students have to be in the ninth or higher grade in their high school and taking a course with the required class hours in one of the schools in JLSUS.

At the end of the school year, the student will take a test (credit test). Based on the result of the test and general evaluation, we will send the recommendation of the grade that the student should receive along with the verification of the total hours of instruction he/she received.